Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Just wanted to say I am so thankful for my friends. I went to Caitys house for lunch, and we had such a wonderful time.

My friend LadyLuckyDuck has finally jumped on the blog bus!!!


CPAAG Balls of Awesomeness!!!

I got a package in the mail from Whoelsetoo on Ravelry, and i think its just awesome!!!

KnottyKnitter40’s Gauntlets!!!

I finished one Labyrinth Inspired fingerless mitt/armwarmer, and i cant wait to finish the other one!!! what do you think?


So there is this weird turducken  looking thing at my friends house, thought i would share the pic! What do you guys think?



I couldn’t wait til Thursday to take a pic of this scarf! I realized I only had about 30 beads left to go before it would be done, so I had to finish it tonight! This is a new store model for Coordinated Colors Yarn Shoppe in Yorktown Va!

I should totally be cleaning….

So my dad went to California for a ship check last week and he took the camera with him, so no pics today, but there will be some on thursday when he gets home!! Yay for cameras!

November 1st

New month new project!!! I just cast on for a pair of armwarmers for KnottyKnitter40 on rav!!! The yarn is Labryinth themed (Goblin King) and she is just so excited to get these made!!!

Goblin King 1