Its 93 degrees out!!

Holy Crap its 93 degrees! I just thought I’d post an update on my sock progress (I’m on LibraryLass’ pair) so I’m on pair 18 (not counting shop pairs).

Comment if ya like, it’ll force me to post more, lol



Today, I am working on a pair of “Naughty Pine” socks for Markfifersmyhero on rav, and also a pair of froot loop socks for k2p2yok5. Froot loops are almost done, and the toe is almost complete for the Naughty pine.
I have also restarted my log cabin blanket to do squares instead of one giant square, because i can’t see stitches very well before bed, and its all just knitting. i love it! I can’t wait for it to be done!

mail call!!!

WAHOOO!!! so this weekend kinda sucked, but I did get a lot of mail from the past week or two.  Special Knits from Ripnknit on rav in return for her socks, dianak’s sock package for the 52 pair plunge, txjewelrylady’s package for the 52 pair plunge, zeldazunk’s package  for the 52 pair plunge, and lindakh’s package for the Four Seasons swap.  enjoy the pics!!! im so excited!!1

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It’s snowing out!!!

There is snow here today! its kinda exciting, actually. BUT I realize that I haven’t updated in a while, but that will change tomorrow night!!!

52 Pair Plunge warmup!

W0sslingcrochets socks were started last tuesday, and they were finished at 3:45pm today! The pattern is Hermiones Everyday Socks on Rav.Yarn is Knitpicks Essentials Tuscon Multi. Fun knit!

Ripnknits completed socks!

I decided to post the pics here until she gets them, just in case she doesn’t  want to see them until she receives them.

They are Monkey Socks, made from some dyed sock yarn she got in a swap. What do you guys think?

Namaste Farms!!!

This is the yarn I won from Namaste Farm’s November drawing! Its so pretty